CPP Sing-Along

We wrote a fun song for you and your child to sing together about the magic of childhood! Feel free to customize it with your own kiddo’s interests and have fun (Can be sung to the tune of the first stanza of Baa Baa Black Sheep).


My name is [name] and I’m here to say,
I can’t wait to have a great day.

Here are some things that make me ME!
Besides the fact that I have CPP.

I love my birthday and big warm hugs,
Swing sets, cartoons, and ladybugs.

I go to the zoo and see animals play,
I make a new friend and I shout HOORAY!

When I behave well, I’m given a treat,
I remember to be brave if I fall on concrete.

I work at school as hard as I can,
I’m surrounded by people who love me as I am.

No matter the color, the shape, or the size,
Everything’s magic looking through my eyes.

I’m very proud to be the kiddo I am!

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