Mad Lib Illustration: Visiting the Doctor

Ask kids to fill-in-the-blank about visiting their Ped Endos/care team.

Before your next pediatric endocrinologist visit, help your kiddo fill out this mad lib! After all, trips to the doctor aren’t so scary when you’re having fun.

A trip to the doctor

Today, my (accompanying grownup) is taking me to see my pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. (name of pediatric endocrinologist) for my CPP treatment. My doctor’s job is to help me stay healthy. Because I have CPP, I started to grow up faster than some of my friends, but I take medicine so I can keep being a kid! I am bringing my lucky (noun) with me because I feel (adjective). As I buckle my seatbelt, I imagine that I’m (favorite superhero or cartoon hero/heroine) so by the time our car starts to (car noise), I feel extra brave.

Once I get to my doctor’s office, (accompanying grownup) and I play games in the waiting room. One of my favorite games to play is (favorite game). I like it because it’s (adjective). Suddenly, the nurse calls out “(your name)!”, and I (active verb) out of my seat. I’m so (adjective) as my (accompanying grownup) and I follow the nurse to a checkup room.

Soon, my doctor comes in for my checkup. They measure me to see how quickly I’ve been growing. I’m (your height) tall! Dr. (name of peiatric endocrinologist) uses a special tool called a stethoscope to listen to my heart go baboom, baboom. Then they use an X-Ray machine to see my bones. Did you know we all have a skeleton? Spooky!

Nurse (name of nurse) comes to see me, too. My doctor and nurse are a team, like a (team sport) team. They work together to keep me well. My (accompanying grownup) and I talk to my nurse for a little while, and then it’s time for my shot. I close my eyes and squeeze my (accompanying grownup)’s hand… but then, it’s over before I know it. Phew! That wasn’t so bad at all. Plus, my nurse gives me a(n) (adjective) bandage afterward with (favorite cartoon) on it. Cool!

After my doctor’s visit, my (accompanying grownup) and I go get (favorite food) to celebrate my courage… Yum! I thought today would be (adjective), but in the end, it was an adventure!