Mad Lib Illustration: Winter-Inspired Treatment Story

Before your next pediatric endocrinologist visit, get cozy and help your kiddo fill out this special wintery mad lib. Trips to the doctor aren’t so scary when you’re having fun!

Guess what? It’s snowing outside, and I’m SO (adjective). Pretty soon, I’m going to visit my doctor for my treatment, so my (accompanying grownup) tells me to bundle up. I grab my (color) gloves and my (color) hat, slip on my snow boots, and open the door. “Wait! Aren’t you forgetting something?” my (accompanying grownup) says, holding my coat. “Whoops!” I say, as I excitedly zip myself in. “Perfect,” (accompanying grownup) says, smiling. “Let’s go visit Dr. (doctor’s name)!”

I try to catch snowflakes on my (body part) as I wait for my (accompanying grownup) to let me in the car. As I buckle my seat belt, they ask me how I’m feeling about getting my shot. The truth is, I’m a little bit scared because my (accompanying grownup) told me it might hurt a bit since it’s a shot. But they also told me they’ll be there to hold my hand… AND they said we could build a snow fort afterward! “I feel (adjective)!” I exclaim. “You’ve got this,” my (accompanying grownup) says, “and by the way, I packed our sleds in the trunk. Let’s have some winter fun after you get your medicine.” Woohoo! This is going to be a good day, after all.

In the waiting room at the doctor’s office, I see a bunch of other kids with their snow gear and I wonder if they’re all going sledding after their appointments, too. Suddenly, the nurse calls out “(your name)!” ‘Okay, this is it,’ I say to myself. I squeeze my (accompanying grownup)’s hand. It’s time to be brave!

“Brrrr! We’ve got ourselves a blustery day out there, don’t we?” the doctor says as they enter my check-up room. They ask me if I’ve built any snowmen yet this year while they take an X-ray of my skeleton, and they’re so nice that I forget I was ever afraid. By the time the nurse comes in to give me my treatment, I’m feeling ready for anything! I’m too busy thinking about the awesome snow (noun) I’m going to make after the doctor’s visit. I don’t even notice my shot, and it’s over before I know it. Phew! 

The nurse gives me a(n) (adjective) bandage afterward with (your favorite cartoon character) on it—sweet! And soon, my (accompanying grownup) and I will celebrate my courage by playing in the snow…. Plus, we’ll even have some hot cocoa! In the end, my doctor’s visit was snow big deal.

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