Ways to Celebrate After a Treatment

Ways to Celebrate After a Treatment

Celebrate your little hero!

No matter your treatment plan, healing requires bravery. Plan a fun post-treatment activity to honor your kid and celebrate the fact that your child is well on their way to recovery. Here are a few ideas.


  • the ice cream shop, or treat destination of your kid’s choice
  • the park or playground
  • a local children’s museum, aquarium or zoo.


  • some simple new art supplies
  • a book you can read together
    (No need to go too big here—especially if your family plans to visit the nurse again in six months!)


  • a special movie night at home
  • your child’s favorite meal
  • a fort in your living room for extra brave kids!

Starting CPP treatment is a major milestone on the road to healing. Congratulations to you and your kiddo!

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