A Mad Lib for Spring!

Spring has sprung! The [type of plant, plural] is/are blooming, the [flying animals] are chirping, and my [accompanying grownup] and I are visiting my doctor today. I slip on my rain boots so I can jump in some puddles on the way to the car. “April showers bring May flowers,” my [accompanying grownup] always says. But it’s all sunshine today—I don’t even need a jacket!

I [action verb] all the way to the car and my [accompanying grownup] lets me in. As I buckle up, they ask me how I’m feeling about getting my treatment today. I know I’m getting a shot, and it might hurt a little, so I tell the truth: That I’m [feeling adjective]. But I also know that we’re getting ice cream and going to the playground afterwards, so it can’t be too bad. “I’ll make sure they save you a double scoop of [your favorite ice cream flavor] for you,” my [accompanying grownup] says. “Make it a triple scoop!” I tell them between giggles.

In the waiting room at the doctor’s office, I see a bunch of other kids in shorts and t-shirts and I wonder what their favorite ice cream flavors are. Then, while I’m daydreaming about the triple scoop I’ll eat later, the nurse suddenly calls out “[your name]!” My [accompanying grownup] looks at me, cool as a [chilled veggie] and says, “Ready Freddy?” I nod at them. I can do this.

“Gosh, we’ve got ourselves a beautiful day out there!” the doctor exclaims as they enter my check-up room. While they x-ray my skeleton, they ask me about my favorite thing to do on a sunny day. I tell them how much I love [warm weather outdoor activity], and by the time the nurse comes to give me my treatment, I’m not scared at all anymore. In fact, I’m so busy telling them about the triple scoop I’m going to eat later that I don’t even notice that the nurse has given me my shot! “All done!” they tell me. I can’t believe I missed it!

The nurse puts a(n) [adjective] [your favorite color] bandage on my tiny owie afterwards—cool! And soon, my [accompanying grownup] and I will celebrate my bravery with some ice cream and fun in the sun… Cone-gratulations to me!

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