Celebrating Children’s Growth Awareness Week

Bringing awareness to Magic Foundation + Children’s Growth Awareness Week.

From September 18th – 24th, we’re celebrating National Children’s Growth Awareness Week with the MAGIC Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization that provides support services for families affected by CPP and other growth disorders. Their motto? “Children have a short time to grow and a lifetime to live with those results.”

During National Children’s Growth Awareness Week, the third week of September, the MAGIC Foundation (which stands for Major Aspects of Growth in Children) is committed to drawing attention to the issue of children’s growth through its digital channels. According to Teresa Tucker, co-founder and patient advocate for The MAGIC Foundation:

The dissemination of information is important as early detection and diagnoses are critical. The longer a child with growth issues goes undiagnosed, the greater potential for damage and the higher costs of care.

Teresa Tucker, co-founder and patient advocate for The MAGIC Foundation

Measuring and tracking a child on a growth chart is one of the simplest forms of preventative medical care. After the age of 3, children grow 2 to 2.5 inches per year on average, and any deviations from that norm (whether your child grows more or less than the average) can indicate a growth condition. In addition to central precocious puberty, the MAGIC Foundation supports families experiencing growth conditions including Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Growth Hormone Deficiency, McCune-Albright Syndrome, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia /SeptoOptic Dysplasia, panhypopituitarism, Russell Silver Syndrome, and more. By providing helpful tools like a measurement guide and growth charts, the MAGIC Foundation helps guide crucial conversations between parents and pediatricians and offers a wealth of information on identifying and treating growth conditions.

It’s important to remember that the MAGIC Foundation is not made up of medical professionals, but caregivers like you, hoping to connect and share their experience of raising children with growth conditions. You can support their cause and expand your community by championing National Children’s Growth Awareness week. Call (630) 836-8200 or email the MAGIC Foundation to get involved!

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