Children’s Puberty Book Roundup Series #3: Guy Stuff

Featuring “Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys”

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If your son is experiencing signs of puberty – whether CPP symptoms or post-treatment puberty – you may have noticed a lack of relevant educational content available for boys. Sadly, our culture hasn’t always made space for boys to explore self-care, but the truth is boys are every bit as curious and confused about their changing bodies as girls are! That’s why we’re excited about Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys, the first-ever American Girl book for boys.

Written by the same pediatrician and award-winning author of The Care and Keeping of You, Dr. Cara Natterson, Guy Stuff covers everything from head-to-toe hygiene, acne, erections, and nocturnal emissions; to broader ideas of masculinity, the difference between confidence and arrogance, physical attraction, and the power of personal choice. With a frank, funny, and warm tone, engaging illustrations, and helpful diagrams, this guide is as thorough as it is thoughtful.

Dr. Natterson advises parents to read through the book first, themselves, to see how the material is presented. If your son is seven or older, you might consider letting him read through the book on his own and having piecemeal conversations about it over time. Or if you have a young son with CPP symptoms, make a habit of reading and re-reading pertinent sections of Guy Stuff together. The sooner you establish an open dialogue, the better!

Although your son may be uncomfortable asking puberty-related questions (and you may initially be uncomfortable answering them!), it’s important for your son to know he can always come to you… otherwise he may seek information from less credible, or worse, inappropriate sources. Guy Stuff gives boys and their parents all the facts, so there’s no need to search elsewhere for advice.

With books like Guy Stuff, you can help keep childhood simple for your kiddo. And with your guidance, your son can learn to care for himself with confidence.

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