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Children’s Puberty Book Roundup Series #2: It’s So Amazing!

Featuring It’s So Amazing!: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families.

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Often, young children with CPP become curious about puberty earlier than other children — puberty affects them directly, so they want to know all about it! But “what is puberty?” can then lead to a host of other questions that parents or caregivers aren’t always prepared to answer. That’s where It’s So Amazing! comes in. Perfect for little ones who aren’t emotionally or developmentally ready to have ‘the big talk’, this beloved, comic-style bestseller thoughtfully answers nearly every possible question a young child could have about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, families, safety, and love.

Parent-child conversations about reproduction, sex, and sexuality are known to be tricky, no matter your child’s age. With It’s So Amazing!, though, parents can tackle challenging subject matter with confidence, humor, and wonder. Cleverly narrated by a bird and a bee, comics like “The Amazing Egg Trip” (‘What do eggs do?’), and “The Big Race!” (‘Sperm and Egg Meet’) answer big questions with up-to-date scientific accuracy and outstanding illustrations. Other chapters, like “Okay Touches, Not Okay Touches” address your child’s personal safety and sense of self in a considered, appropriate way, offering reassurance and understanding to parents and kids, alike.

The award-winning author of It’s So Amazing!, Robie H. Harris, has written over 30 children’s books addressing serious issues with whimsy and care. And It’s So Amazing! remains relevant year after year due to careful cultural and scientific updates from psychologists, doctors, and parents who are committed to delivering children all the information they need to cultivate self-respect and make responsible decisions as they grow.

The way babies are made really is amazing. It’s So Amazing! can give you the language and foundational knowledge you and your inquisitive kiddo need to marvel about the facts of life together, and help set you up for many amazing conversations to come.

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