CPP and Predicted Adult Height

If your child has CPP, concerns about their projected adult height are understandable. As you may know, when childrens’ bones mature more quickly than expected, they experience an early fusion of growth plates which causes their bones to stop growing earlier than they should. We talked to Pediatric Endocrinologist Jadranka Popovic about ways to predict adult height in kids with CPP—and how to protect your child’s growth potential in the meantime.

Parents of Children with CPP Often Have Questions About Height

A variety of factors affect the adult height of kids with CPP. According to Dr. Popovic, genetics can play a role and it is always important to calculate something called mid parental target height. Dr. Popovic explains that based on mid parental height, children of shorter parents tend to be shorter than the children of taller parents. In this sense, Dr. Popovic explains, “predicted adult height can be estimated by comparing child’s height to mid parental target height on a growth chart. Your child’s doctor can also order radiographic imaging of your child’s hand, also called a bone age test. “Depending on the child’s current height and bone age, and mid parental height, pediatric endocrinologists can make a fairly good estimate of the predicted adult height,” further explains Dr. Popovic. That said, although growth charts and bone age imaging can be helpful, there are no perfect ways to predict how tall your child will be as an adult.

Final Adult Height is Often Variable

Dr. Popovic always advises parents that the child’s final adult height can end up being significantly different from the original assessment. Growth and skeletal maturation are dynamic processes that change over the time and course of treatment.” The pubertal stage at the initiation of treatment for CPP can also affect their final height.

But CPP Treatment Can Improve Growth Potential

In many cases, CPP treatment allows children to reach their full height potential, whereas untreated patients generally could end up having compromised final height.

We all want our children to grow strong, confident and to their full growth potential. The good news is, you can do something about it. While there are no guarantees when it comes to final adult height, CPP treatment can help your child grow the way nature intended.

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