Start Here: Our Most Essential CPP Articles

Your child has just been diagnosed with central precocious puberty… Now what? You likely have a whole host of questions about what CPP is, how it’s diagnosed, and how to protect your child’s physical, emotional, and social health through all the ups and downs. So let this be your starting point! We’ve gathered some of our most helpful CPP articles to give you the essential information you need to care for your child with confidence. Childhood should be simple. We’re here to help simplify CPP, too.

CPP 101: A parent’s guide to Central Precocious Puberty (CPP)
Knowledge is power! Learn the definition of central precocious puberty, how it’s diagnosed, and all your treatment options in this helpful roundup of fundamental CPP information.

The CPP Diagnosis Process
Once your child has been referred to a pediatric endocrinologist, they will receive several diagnostic tests to confirm the presence of CPP. Learn how to prepare your medical history report, and understand which tests will be administered and how they work here

The Long-Term Considerations of CPP Treatment
Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being, and this article was developed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. In it, a leading pediatric endocrinologist explains that CPP medication poses no known significant health risks, has a proven history of long-term efficacy, and can help children with CPP experience normal, healthy development into adulthood and beyond. 

How to Emotionally Support Kids Through Early Puberty, According to a Doctor
Premature puberty symptoms can cause a great deal of anxiety for young kids, so we asked a pediatric endocrinologist how to best support little ones through these changes. Their answer: Education, treatment, and dedicated support. Learn more here.

How to Explain a CPP Diagnosis to Your Family, Teachers, and Friends
No matter how well-meaning family members, friends, and teachers are, they might not know how to engage with your little one in an appropriate way. This article contains a few gentle guidelines to help those closest to you understand how to support your child—from encouraging sensitivity among family members, to reminding authority figures that your child is still a child. 

Right now, your child’s CPP may feel overwhelming. But you’ve got everything you need to guide them through it, and we’re always in your corner.