Children’s Puberty Book Roundup Series #5: Amazing You

Feat. Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts.

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At some point, your child will likely ask the question you may be dreading: “Where do babies come from?” When these sex-related questions come up (and they will come up), it can be hard to know how much to share. Most young kids don’t need to know about intercourse yet. Instead, they want to understand where in a woman’s body a baby grows, and what their own private parts have to do with anything. Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts gives curious children exactly enough information, and helps parents broach tricky topics with confidence and humor. 

With whimsical illustrations by Lynn Cravath, and engaging, kid-friendly storytelling by Gail Saltz, Amazing You gets to the heart of reproduction, birth, and the difference between boys’ and girls’ bodies. It also outlines the meaning of ‘private parts’: the parts that are hidden from the rest of the world, the “special” parts that “belong to you;” addressing both childrens’ personal safety and sense of self. 

It’s especially important that kids with CPP understand their own anatomy early on, and learn from the get-go that there’s nothing shameful about their private parts. This way, if they start to experience early puberty symptoms like menstruation or testes development, they already have the baseline knowledge to understand and appreciate their bodies as they mature.

Your little one truly is amazing, and Amazing You can give you the foundational knowledge and language you need to talk about bodies and babies in an age-appropriate way. Your little one will probably ask you thousands more questions throughout childhood — Amazing You can equip you with some of the more complicated answers. 

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