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Children’s Puberty Book Roundup Series #6: The Feelings Book

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Mood swings are a natural part of puberty but can make both kids and parents feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Preparing for these changes is essential—but difficult to do without expert guidance.

Written by licensed psychologist Dr. Lynda Madison, The Feelings Book: The Care and Keeping of Your Emotions from American Girl was created by the same team of experts and editors as The Care and Keeping of You.

The Feelings Book is all about understanding and coping with emotions during puberty. The Feelings Book helps girls learn how to understand and handle their emotions in a positive way by giving them insight into how to cope with difficult feelings. Short sections are broken up with colorful illustrations, and an easy-to-read layout turns complex concepts into easily digestible chapters. 

It’s also a valuable tool for parents to help you learn about what’s happening inside your kid’s head and understand how to help them through this experience. Reading The Feelings Book together can help give you both a common language to talk about what’s happening and open up new conversations. 

Puberty is a confusing and isolating time for most kids, especially when it happens earlier than expected. Many mental, emotional, and social changes take place during this time, so it’s normal for kids to experience new and intense emotions that they haven’t felt before. For all these reasons and more, talking with your child throughout this process and these changes is crucial. The Feelings Book can help your daughter navigate the complex but manageable new world of symptoms, and guide conversations between the two of you that will only make you closer.

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