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How To Protect Normal Bone Growth For Life After CPP

How To Protect Normal Bone Growth For Life After CPP

As a parent who has been through life-changing hormonal shifts of your own, you know that changing hormones in your little one’s system is not something to take lightly. You likely have questions about how treatment will affect your child’s future growth.

Rest assured, hormonal CPP treatment inhibits excessive bone growth as seen in CPP. On the contrary, early treatment of CPP can help children grow taller than they would without hormonal treatment. If left untreated, children affected by CPP experience early fusion of bone growth plates, which causes their bones to stop growing altogether. After an initial growth spurt caused by CPP, kids who do not seek treatment may reach their final adult height at around 8 years of age.

Most kids who decide to treat CPP, however, can go on to reach normal adult heights. Especially if puberty was detected early, your child will have more time to grow and therefore more time to reach their full stature.

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