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With Proper CPP Treatment, Girls Can Expect Normal Periods and Pregnancies

With Proper Treatment, Girls Can Expect Normal Periods and Pregnancies

You want your little girl to have all the options in the world as she grows up: fascinating life, dream career, and maybe even a family of her own one day. Here’s the good news: girls treated for CPP can expect normal menstruation as adolescents and healthy fertility as adults.

In most cases, menstruation begins spontaneously when it’s appropriate for puberty to begin and female adolescents stop taking CPP treatment. If CPP is treated early on, your little girl will get to experience the normal physical aspects of childhood and adolescence. Then, if and when these women choose to become mothers themselves, they are three times more likely to become pregnant without assisted fertility measures than adult women with CPP who were untreated. In fact, untreated CPP in women is associated with ovarian dysfunction later in life.

Childhood is for simplicity – it shouldn’t be the time to worry about eventual puberty and fertility. But with CPP treatment, you and your little girl can truly experience childhood and all the exciting seasons to follow… in due time.

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